Top 3 most commonly used oils for frying food

In India people use different types of oils while deep frying or pan frying or air frying. The some of the most commonly used oils in India are sunflower oil and coconut oil. Now due to western food influence even olive oil is making its entry into the Indian food.

Here are some facts related to different cooking oils used in India

1. Coconut oil 

As you know India is a country that has tropical climate hence there are lots of coconut trees growing all across the country. This leads to the production of coconut oil, Indians have been using coconuts for curries for thousands of years. Coconut oil is widely used in India more than any other country in world.

2. Sunflower oil

India is one of the largest producer of sunflowers in the world and sunflower oil also widely used in India. Sunflower oil odorless and had unique taste lot of people in India use sunflower oil their daily needs.

3. Olive oil 

Olive oil are imported into India from other country making them costly most Indians are not familiar with olive oil. People who have a longing for western food use this oil in India.

All these oils can be used in Air fryer, just give a touch up of any of these oils to your air fryer giving you better texture and taste.

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