Lifelong Healthyfry 1350-watt air fryer review

Lifelong has introduced an air fryer that uses air circulation heating technology to and it also has a grill called top grill that heats the food from all sides once.


  1. The lifelong air fryer has been equipped with an auto shut-off timer of about 30 minutes, so that spend less time supervising your air fryer.
  2. Power consumption of 1350-watts
  3. 2-year full replacement guarantee  is provided by lifelong company, this is only air fryer that provides full replacement guarantee.
  4. It also has recipe book authored by experts that will be a huge to you while using the air fryer
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Comes with 2.6-litre food basket that is non-stick


Lifelong air fryer comes with a warranty of 2 years which offers you with full replacement of the product delivered to your doorstep, if at all your product fails to work.


This air fryer has received positive reviews from the customers who have bought it and they have excellent opinions about this fryer.

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