Jaipan YJ2588 2.5L air fryer review

Jaipan is another popular Indian brand and they have lot of products in the market, this air fryer has medium capacity of 2.5L and looks stylish in design. Jaipan boats that you can switch to a healthier way of cooking with this air fryer. This device uses a maximum power of 1000-watts which makes this power savvy device.


  1. Power consumption of 1000-watts which makes it very energy efficient.
  2. Non slip feet so that it doesn’t slip and you can keep it wherever you want without having to worry
  3. Easy to clean and non stick


Jaipan has service centres in most major cities in India this product has a warranty period of 12-months.

Ratings 4/5 stars 

This air fryer has good ratings and the customers who have bought it have good impressions abiut this product, some custoners are disappointed becuase this product does not  contain a recipe book or a proper manual that shows how exactly the product is to be used.


This air fryer hss everything a modern sir fryer needs, this product is priced very well in the medium range. Go for this product is you are looking for features and great frying experience.

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