Havells Prolife 4-Litre 1230 watt air fryer review

Havells is one of the world’s most trusted brands and they have introduced an air fryer called havells prolife 1230-watt air fryer that has one of the highest capacities. Havells prolife offers a capacity of 4-Litres that is one of the highest in the market. Havells prolife air can fry gmyour favourite food with upto 85% less oil and it also boasts that it can cook food quicker. The basket has also got a seperator that helps you cook food faster.


  1. It has food basket capacity of 2 litres
  2. Pan capacity of 4-litres
  3. Works on rapid air technology
  4. It has inducator lights that glow red for power on and when the air fryer is heating up its glows green.
  5. Integrated air filter
  6. 2 year product warranty
  7. Great use of technology
  8. Includes a recipe book and manual


  1. Product is costly


Warranty provided for this air fryer by havells is 2 years however you can extend it by one year by paying as low as RS 399 to ensure your air fryers safety.

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