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What is an air fryer?

Air fryer is a kitchen appliance that allows you to deep fry anything without oil, that is right you can fry anything with just the power of the air. French fries, chips, chicken wings and a lot of these things can be done without oil.

The main benefit of having an air fryer is you can really live a healthy life by preparing and consuming the healthy fat-free food. The food that comes out of air fryer is absolutely delicious and not only crisp but also smooth.

Millions of people in India have heart risk, obesity, and other health-related issues because they consume oily food. This problem occurs because a large chunk of Indians love junk food and mainly fried food, Now air fryer has become a big alternative to fried food.

Whether you are a housewife who worries about their spouse degrading their health through these foods or you maybe a parent who cares about your child’s health, then air fryer is the right device for you. All worries related to family health due to excess consumption of oil fat can be gone.

Air fryers help you in saving a lot of money by letting you reduce consumption of LPG and cooking oil. These things aren’t cheap these days and deep frying consumes a lot of fuel, also wastes a lot of oil, ghee etc.

Things to be considered before selecting the best air fryer

These are some the important things, let us consider basic things that you need to keep in mind before buying the best air fryer device that is best for the price.

1. Warranty

Warranty is an important thing while buying a home, kitchen or any other appliances, if you have a good warranty for the product then you can use it without having to worry about its failure. Most of the air fryers come with a warranty of 2, years but there is no need to worry about quality or life of the air fryers because they built to last long. Most of the air fryer brands have their service centers all across India, they have customer care numbers so that you can find one nearest to you.

2. Capacity

When a company designs any product for India, they make sure that it has good space or capacity. This is done because Indians have large families, also they need a lot of food and the capacity of food that can be cooked in air fryers should be large enough to meet their needs. So always buy an air fryer according to the capacity of the fryer and you won’t have to worry about cooking over and over again.

3. Quality

There are a lot of reputed brands in India that sell air fryers buying their branded air fryers is the right thing to do because they don’t compromise anything in terms of quality. Better Quality will give you better frying and you will get a long lasting air fryer. Therefore secret to buying the best air fryers is quality.

4. Cost

Air fryers exist in a great number in the market right now there is a difference in price between them, some are high priced and some are low priced. You should select your best air fryer depending on your budget but low price air fryer might not last long, so it is better to add a little extra and get the best product. And nevertheless, you should go with the price range that might be comfortable and best suits for your budget.


Some of the brands that manufacture air fryers have developed better technologies that will help you fry better and give you awesome results. And all of the latest sophisticated technology incorporated devices cost almost the same. Technology in air fryers can in the form digital dials, timers, heat sensors etc. In order to buy the best technologically advanced air fryer, you need to make sure all the gadgets are latest.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Best air fryers

Here we have made a raw unbiased latest list of top best air fryers available in the market right now in India, We took a lot of factors into consideration a lot of factors before compiling this list. We have taken into account the products capacity, weight, power consumption, and price.

ProductCheck PriceCapacityPowerWhy should you buy this product?
Philips viva collection HD9220

2.2 Litre1425-WattsBest seller and sophisticated
Kenstar Aster 1500-Watt Oxy FryerAmazon3 Litre1500-Watts2nd best choice & Cheaper
Prestige PAF 2.0 1400-Watt Air FryerAmazon.in2.2 Litre1400-WattCompetitively priced
Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer
Amazon.in3.2 Litre1500-Watts3rd most popular
Wonderchef Prato Premium Air FryerAmazon.in2.5 Litre1200-WattsCheaper
Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt Air Fryer
Amazon.in2 Litre1230-WattsHigh tech and priced a bit higher range
American MICRONIC - 3.5 Liters Imported Air FryerAmazon.in3.5 Litres1500-WattsCheap and more capacity
Citron AF001 Air Fryer2.2 Litre1500-WattsIndian brand and low cost
Lifelong HealthyFry 1350-Watt Air Fryer
Amazon.in2.6 Litre1350-WattsBetter Warranty
Jaipan YJ2588 2.5-Litre Air Fryer
Amazon.in2.5 Litre1000-WattsNew product

As you can see that the ratings that are given by us and the ratings online are totally different, this is because we review only the product. Most of the people who have given fewer stars on popular online stores have given rating not only for the product but also for other issues like delivery errors, improper package by supplier etc, Hence we have given the ratings only for the product and considered only the best air fryers.

 Here are the reviews of top 10 best Air Fryers

Here are the reviews of  10 top rated best air fryers available in India, these air fryers belong to the top brands and these brands are very popular among people.

#1-Philips Viva Collection HD-9220 air fryer with rapid air technology

Philips HD9220 is the best air fryer in the market right now, it looks absolutely stunning in design and has all the latest technology integrated in it to make this air fryer work perfectly, it has different knobs for temperature control, and it also has good cooking capacity of 2.2 L. It boasts of rapid air technology that cooks and fries food with over 80% reduction in oil and gives you the same taste as that of oil. It offers baking, roasting, cooking your delicious meals with little or no oil.

This air fryer has dish washer safe parts so that you don’t have to worry cleaning them and let the dish washer do the job for you. Air consumption is great in this air fryer, it consumes 1450-watts of power. Cord storage is another feature of this device so that you have to worry about the long wires that keep hanging around in your kitchen. Philips HD9220 has non slip feet so that you don’t have to worry about the device slipping and falling from the place due to lightest push, all these nonslip feet does is prevents you air fryers from slipping.

Another upside to this air fryer is recipe book that comes along with this written by top chefs and experts so that you get a headstart on how exactly this product is to be used and make some delicious food.

Highlights of this air fryer

  • 2.2 Litres capacity
  • 1425-watts of power consumption
  • Latest rapid air technology
  • 30-minute timer
  • Great design and functionality


Philips HD 9220 air fryer is one of the highest rated air fryers in the market with 1000+ 5 star ratings and overall rating of 4.3 in the market this air fryer is an excellent choice and makes it the best air fryer

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#2- Kenstar aster 1500-watt Oxy Fryer review

Kenstar has given a different name to its air fryer and has names it oxy fryer. Kenstar aster 1500watt air fryer has a cherry red color scheme that looks fabulous in design. It has a power consumption of 1500-watts. This air fryer has quite a large frying basket of 3L capacity that can suit your quantity needs.

This air fryer is one of the most popular air fryer products, it has a wide range of functions such adjustable thermostat for temperature control, timer etc that will exactly give you ammunition as to what you can do with this air fryer. It is also noise free, easy to clean and provides great uniform cooking.

Warranty is what this product with which means this product has a warranty period of 12 months and great this product has a great recipe book in its arsenal that can educate you on how exactly this product is to be used apart from the instruction manual. This air fryer comes second in our because it is one of the best air fryers.

 Highlights of this air fryer

  • 3L frying basket for larger frying capacity.
  • Noise free and easy to clean
  • Adjustable timer
  • Light and easy to carry
  • One of the most popular air fryer


Kenstar is one of the most popular air fryers in the market with 4.1/5 stars, this product has very good opinions from customers who have bought it and costs a little lower than its competitor.

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#3-Prestige Paf  3.0 S air fryer

Prestige is another brand that Indians trust is very popular among people. Prestige is a prestigious brand and is found in every corner of India. Prestige Paf is another high-tech air fryer, this air fryer is looking almost perfect in terms of design. It has a capacity of 2L and a power consumption of 1400-watts. This is budget air fryer, with a significantly lower cost than its competitors and this air fryer boasts that it can grill, bake, fry etc.

This air fryer is a budget air fryer with significantly less cost than other air fryers and this is also one of the most popular air fryers with extremely positive ratings. This air fryer has almost all the features such as the nonstick coating on the removable pot that reduces your hassles pointing out to scrubbing and cleaning.

This air fryer has nice grip handles and weighs less that makes it easier to carry anywhere you go. It is equipped with the latest timer, thermostat etc for great performance. This product has a warranty of one year so that you don’t have to worry about its working condition.

Highlights of this air fryer

  • Power consumption is 1400-watts
  • Nice grip handles
  • Timer and thermostat
  • Nonstick coating
  • Great design and easy to clean


Prestige Paf 3.0 air fryer is one of the cheapest and best air fryers in the market with great wonderful features and is also one of the highest sold and best air fryers in the market.

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#4-Pigeon Super 3.2L air fryer

Pigeon 3.2 L super air fryer, as with its name this air fryer has a super capacity that beats most of the other air fryers.This air fryer has a capacity of 3.2L that is one of the highest in the market. People who bought this air fryer are very happy with its performance and uniform heating that it provides throughout.

In addition to the large capacity 3.2 litres this product has a reasonably low price tag on it. Along with features timer, temperature controlling thermostat this air fryer automatically shuts off or switches off after the cooking is done we may call it auto switch off feature. This air has good looking stylish design and very easy to use as well.

Warranty for this is for 2 years that is much better than any other air fryer in terms of the amount of time period that the warranty is applicable. This air fryer has great features and is fairly popular among customers. This air fryer works great and is one of the best ones in the market.

Highlights of this air fryer

  • Great design and looks
  • Easy to clean
  • Large cooking capacity of 3.2L
  • Auto switch off feature
  • Timer and Temperature controller


Pigeon super air fryer is one of the highest rated air fryers in the market and this product has lots of 5-star reviews. That is exactly why this product comes in the fourth position on ranking of best selling air fryers.

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#5-Wonderchef Prato Premium air fryer

Wonderchef Prato premium air fryer is a rising star among air fryers in India and exists in our list of top 5 best air fryers. This product has one of the lowest power consumption of 1200-watts among air fryers. This will ensure that you will save money because your air fryer will eventually use less power. It weighs around 3.2 kg that makes it one of the lightest. This air fryer is one of the cheapest in the market.

Among the credits that go to low power consumption, this air fryer doesn’t disappoint at all in terms of performance at all. It has automatic shut off system, timer and thermostat like any other top air fryer out there and the air fryer has a capacity of 2.5 Litres that makes it one among the few air fryers that offer a great bundle of features as well as low cost.

It has a recipe book that teaches you exactly how to use this air fryer while cooking your favourite food and it has a warranty period of 1 year. So this air fryer has made to our 10 best list of air fryers.

Highlights of this air fryer

  • Fairly low power consumption of 1200-watts
  • Weighs less compared to other products
  • Good capacity of 2.5L
  • Automatic shutdown function and recipe book


Wonder chef prato premium air fryer has a best in class capacity of 2.5Litres, also this product has impressed lots of customers who have bought it and they this as a good air fryer.

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#6-Havells prolife 1230-watt air fryer


Havells is a reputed brand which is recognized not only globally but also well known in India. It has a food basket of 2L and pan capacity of 4L. Along with its specialty of large capacity, it also has a food separator that is included in food basket that allows you to cook multiple items at once, thus saving your precious time. Havells pro life air fryer is one of the most technologically advanced air fryers you know that by the looks of it in the picture above.

This air fryer has all the top features you need for the price tag that comes along with it. It has a huge display that includes the timer, temperature control, and cooking modes. This product also has nice grip handles and consumes power of 1230-watts only making it more power savvy than other air fryers. It has a 60-minute timer with auto shut-off system.

It has innovative air filtration system to keep your away from bad odors while frying and cooking menus are preset on the device that gives access to your favorite cuisines. This is one of the best air fryers in the market and made it to our list.

Highlights of this air fryer 

  • 2L food basket and pan capacity of 4 L
  • 60-minute timer
  • Air filtration system
  • Low power consumption of 1230-watts
  • Great design and technology


Although this air fryer costs more than it’s competition it is one of the best performing and technologically advanced air fryers with full digital display and it has good ratings with lots of 5 stars.

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#7-American micro fryer 3.5 litres imported air  fryer

As you know by name American micronic is a made in USA product, this is a popular product in the USA and this product has made its entry into India. This air fryer works on the principle TurboTunnel Fresh air Technology that makes this product more unique than its competition. This air fryer has one of the largest baskets for frying in the market and this air fryer although it doesn’t have any digital display that usually displays timer, temperature as in other air fryers.

It has variable temperature knob and the Temperature of the air can reach about 200 ℃ or 392 ℉ so that all your food is evenly throughout. The American micronic air fryer has great 60-minute timer that is larger than other air fryers in terms of time span and it has although large power consumption of 1500-watts that might eventually help in cooking faster

This air fryer has a warranty of 1 year and has all the great features that will make this air fryer a handy tool in your kitchen. Many customers have bought this air fryer and are satisfied its performance and many have voted 5 stars for it. Hence it is has made it to our list of best air fryers.

Highlights of this air fryer

  • 60-minute timer
  • Big 3.5 litres capacity
  • Heat is evenly distributed
  • Easy to clean
  • Power consumption of 1500-watts


This is another air fryer that gives you good warranty as well  as great performance it has a capacity of 3.5 litres making it almost perfect for the budget.

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#8-Citron AF001 Air Fryer

Citron, as you know, is one of the most popular brands in India with a range of appliances. Now citron has manufactured an air fryer that stands out making other air fryers with all the latest features, this fryer no comes in a black color combination that looks absolutely amazing and well applied to it. This air fryer has capacity has a capacity of 2.2 L and works great. It has a power consumption of 1500-watts and weighs around 5.9 kg even though it is heavy this fryer is absolutely special.

This product comes along with a free anti-slip rubber mat that may be helpful in preventing the slipping of the air fryer. It has a recipe book included with it and also a pair of tongs that help you remove easily without any hassle from the frying basket.

Highlights of this air fryer

  • 2.2L capacity
  • Power consumption of 1500-watts
  • Great performance and design
  • Positive ratings


Although not so popular among the customers it is still budget air fryer and cheaper than the most other air fryers

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#9-Lifelong HealthyFry 1350-Watt air fryer

Lifelong healthyfry is a 1350-watt air fryer with a capacity of 2.6 litres, this air fryer has a unique name but performs extremely well. This air fryer uses circulation heating technology for and it also employs a top grill that helps in cooking the food. With a good capacity of 2.5 litres this is exactly the type of air fryer you need in your kitchen. It has a temperature knob and the temperature for frying can be set anywhere between 80 to 200.

The price of this air fryer is very reasonably low and it weighs around 6 kg make it quite heavy. The Best part about this air fryer is the company provides full replacement warranty of 2 years, incase of any defects or failure of the air fryer. This air fryer offers one step pull basket so that you can literally use this product with one only.

Highlights of this air fryer

  • Good capacity of 2.5 litres
  • Price is reasonably low
  • It has adjustable temperature knob
  • 2-year full replacement warranty 
  • It also includes a customized recipe book authored and written by culinary experts.


Lifelong healthy is a long lasting air fryer because they provide you with full replacement warranty of 2-years and a most of the people who have bought this product have positive opinions about it.

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#10-Jaipan YJ  2.5 litre air fryer


Jaipan is a recognized brand in India, it has quite a huge presence in retail as well as online markets in India. Jaipan yj2588 is a 2.5-litre air fryer and has a medium budget price tag. Technology that this air fryer uses is called hot air circulation technology.  This air fryer uses a total power of only 1000-watts making power efficient. This air fryer is one of the good medium budget air fryers.

This air fryer has a warranty of 12-months, although it does not include a recipe book with causing you some troubles, in the beginning, this air fryer was just released new. This air fryer has impressed us in terms of features, therefore has made it to our list of top best air fryers in India.

Highlights of this air fryer

  • Uses a maximum power of 1000-watts thus making it power efficient.
  • Medium budget air fryer
  • Good capacity of 2.5 litres
  • 12-months service warranty for the product.


Jaipan is a starting air fryer in the market and it does not have many customer reviews so it’s too early to say anything about it.

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Difference between air fryer and microwave oven

Air fryer and microwave oven are two different devices that are used for different purposes although have some common features like timers and temperature control.

How does a microwave oven work? 

In simple works, microwave oven works on the principle of microwaves that are produced in the microwave oven that in turn heat the food inside and out. Microwave oven comes with lots of features like the grill, convection heating, baking etc with custom menus set in the microwave oven to make things easier for you. Microwave ovens are not used widely chefs or in professional cooking, because all that microwave does is heat the food.

How does an air fryer work?

Air fryer mainly works by the power of the air, it uses air solely for frying purposes so its obviously better than a microwave oven. The air is induced into the fryer basket where the food is kept by rotating fans that eventually increases the temperature of the hot air as it passes through different directions inside the fryer. This cooks the food uniformly and quickly much better than microwave ovens. If you buy a microwave you will get a lot of options but end up doing nothing with air fryers you can easily substitute them for deep fryers that give you oil free food.


5 benefits of having an air fryer

Here we have made list of 5 useful benefits of buying an air fryer

1. Health benefits

While normal method of deep frying not only involves a lot of oil and but also soaks a lot of oil into the food, Air fryer needs little or no oil for frying, you can apply oil to the food items to just give it little taste and rest of the job will be done by the air fryer itself. It also collects the excess fat in the bottom of the pan from the food while keeping the food juicy. While normal deep frying effects the health of the person who is frying the items causing him sleeping disorders and headaches. While low oil less food is good for patients having high cholesterol levels in their blood level.

2. Lowers Fat and cholesterol

Air fryers help you reduce oil which can cause various diseases related to cholesterol and prevent the risk of occurring of heart diseases. You can also reduce obesity while you enjoy your favorite food and While low oil less food is good for patients having high cholesterol levels in their blood level.

3. Saves time and money

By having an air fryer you need waste your precious time venturing out to fast food chains to buy food that you can easily prepare with the air fryer. You don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money eating outside and air fryers help reduce cost by over 70%. By using an air fryer there not be a need to use a large amount of oil and oil is costly too.

4. Saves power and fuel

Traditional deep frying in India involves a lot of gas usage or fuel usage which can be prevented all with the use of air fryers. Also, power consumption is low in air fryers while compared to microwave ovens. Deep frying regularly can cause problems to the person who is frying by causing headaches. Selecting the air fryer that provides best low power consumption can truly reduce your electricity costs.

5. Less space and easy to clean

Air fryers don’t need a lot of space they can fit in any corner of your kitchen even on the dining table. They are also a lot easy to clean, they make less noise and you do not have to worry about the oil splashing everywhere as it used to splash from a frying pan. Learn more on how to clean an air fryer here


We have listed, mentioned the different features, also the pros and cons of best air fryers that exist in the market. Buying a good and best air fryer depends on your budget, there are a lot of types and varieties of air fryers online, if you have a great budget then go for costliest air fryer or if you have the medium budget go for a low-cost product because the main thing is you buy an air fryer to fry. Hence all the air fryers perform the same function of frying whether they are low cost or high cost.

Air fryers are truly better than micro wave ovens they are a lot more cheaper and easier to clean and maintain, this makes them also very easy to carry anywhere you want. Air fryers are absolutely needed in today’s changing Indian kitchen with our changing food practices. For more product reviews please visit our site All Things Reviewed where we will be reviewing many home appliances.